AI Innovation

We love AI. We even use AI to build AI.

You don’t need us to tell you what AI is. You may need our guidance and expertise in navigating the most exciting development in tech since the internet itself.

…And that’s not hyperbole.

Goss uses AI at every stage of the design process to make sure we’re at the top of each new iteration of the last dazzling development. If it’s useful it stays, if it’s not we’ll put it on the shelf to mature.

AI is transforming the way we work by streamlining and automating operations to drive cost and operational efficiency.

From optimising ad spend by automating  the creative-to-segmentation cycle, to helping us craft the most personalised experiences for our users, AI can reduce the need for manual labour to be spent on tasks that are essential, but ultimately time-consuming.

Integrating AI into design the design process has revolutionised ideation, content creation, campaign measurement and analytics, targeting, and customer segmentation.

We expertly use (human) crafted direction to harness the true power of generative AI to help generate concept impressions, storyboarding and kickstart wireframes which leaves us time and resource to apply our team to the really impactful stuff, the things AI can’t do.

At every point of our process, if the need for AI arises we should ask “Is this going to enhance the end-product?”. If the answer is yes we harness its power.

The benefits if brings for our clients is increased productivity and efficiency, faster project completion, optimised product performance based on customer feedback data, and hyper-personalised user interfaces.

Templates can only go so far. To be able to b build custom-build products that work best for a very specific set of goals, goss has the edge.

We provide proactive support to clients and optimise designs for specific goals. Although AI is still catching up to the human mind in terms of creativity, it can help designers by performing tedious tasks and suggesting innovative solutions.

We utilise AI to bring value to clients by creating designs faster and delivering the most relevant information to users. We also use AI to innovate by optimising designs for specific goals and building intelligent user interfaces to meet client needs.

So goss know AI.
Cool story.

What AI have we actually built?
Glad you asked…

Insurance Analytics

AI technology has become a critical asset for the insurance industry, providing advanced data analysis and predictive modelling capabilities.

Our client, one of the world’s largest and leading tech consultancy groups, recognised this and engaged Goss to develop a machine-learning-powered data analysis tool.

Our team collaborated closely with developers to create a system tailored to the various roles involved in the insurance claim cycle. We designed, trained, and refined machine learning algorithms to automate and streamline the entire process, resulting in more informed decisions regarding risk assessment, pricing, and policy recommendations.

The end product boasts a sleek and user-friendly interface, facilitating ease of use for insurers across the globe. The intellectual property is currently being rolled out to insurance organisations worldwide. With Goss, our client can remain at the forefront of the tech industry, providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the needs of their clients.

Utilities Industry

Our client belongs to the category of the largest publicly listed utilities worldwide.

Goss was hired to spearhead the UX initiative of developing an AI-powered solution that enables engineers and leaders to schedule critical maintenance of operation-critical hardware - a key aspect of their business.

The AI model leverages diverse data from several siloed sources and extrapolates valuable and actionable insights presented in visually appealing formats tailored to various roles and specialties.

Our team utilised meticulous data science-driven human analysis to train the system in identifying and predicting future outcomes, resulting in a more accurate and efficient system.

The client can now proactively plan maintenance, ensuring seamless operation and continuity in their business.

Life Sciences

Our client operates as an innovation company specialising in the life sciences and medicine fields. Goss was engaged to prototype and trial an AI-powered tool designed to listen to public discourse and debate, instantly providing usable facts, statistics, and prompts with hyper-relevant information throughout each session.

The AI tool has the capability to understand needs, values, and motivations, responding with customised information accordingly. By identifying keywords in the conversation, the tool curates relevant and compelling content from it’s vast repository of historical data archives during the dialogue, enhancing the overall experience for participants.

In addition to this, the tool uses live input to collate real-time data, visualising trending topics, statistics, and the mood of the room, providing valuable insights to the user

.With Goss, our client can leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance public discourse and debate, promoting informed decision-making and advancing the fields of life sciences and medicine.

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Want to know how you can harness the power of AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an integral part of our design process. It enables us to create more effective and efficient design systems, that also meet the needs of our clients. By leveraging AI, we can accelerate the design process, while improving the overall quality of the work we produce.

Here’s a few ways how:


AI can be used to analyse your website, e-commerce, social media, and other online presence to understand your brand and create a custom design system that’s tailored specifically to you.

This personalised approach ensures that your products are unique and engaging, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions.

Data Analysis

With AI, we track user behaviour and analyse data to gain insights into user habits, preferences, and needs.

We use this information to create designs that speak directly to your targets, resulting in more effective campaigns and satisfied users and customers.


AI can automate repetitive design tasks, such as resizing images and creating collages, freeing up our designers’ time to focus on more creative aspects of the design process.

This results in faster turnaround times and more efficient use of your agency’s valuable resources.


Automation of repetitive tasks like data entry, document processing, and invoice management, significantly reduces manual effort and human error.

AI-powered analytics can provide invaluable insights into financial data, sales trends, and customer behaviour, helping make data-driven decisions for strategic growth.


Implementation ofAI-powered tools for automating routine administrative tasks, scheduling, and calendar management.

By also using natural language processing (NLP) for intelligent document management, information retrieval, knowledge sharing and meeting minutes and document summarising.

Strategic growth

AI-powered tools can be used to analyse market trends, consumer behaviour, and competitor activities. By employing natural language processing, insight can be extracted from your customer experiences, and social media conversations.

ML algorithms can then be applied to identify emerging market opportunities and potential competitive threats.

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